March 2016
Placing the final pieces in place
Close-up of 2 tetris pieces
Tetris and friends
Frames for some pieces


Initial frame sketches
Initial frame sketches
Materials calculations
Materials calculations
Initial placement planning
Initial placement planning


The project was designed for University of Toronto Blue and Gold Spirit Committee's annual TOOLS102 workshop, where students are taught how to use power tools safely through a fun project.


For this display to be effective in the workshop, it had to be something that comprised of many small, repetitive pieces that different individuals could work on at the same time. It also had to be interactive, so that the students could play with it after the project was completed. After considering many different options, Tetris was chosen.

The pieces of the game had to be designed so that the entire game fit within the space and budget constraints that we had. The different components that made up the pieces also had to be able to interlock and combine to create the different pieces.

In the final design, the frames of the pieces were made out of cut 2x4 lengths of wood, which were then covered by painted hardboard. This design allowed for pieces that were strong, but also light enough to carry and move around. 

Final product