Matboard bridge being tested


Course Project
FALL 2016

Designed, calculated, and constructed matboard bridge based on given material constraints. The bridge participated in a competition in the Civil Engineering Labs at the University of Toronto, where it was tested for strength and durability under mobile weight and stationary weight conditions.

Presentation for truss bridge design


Course Project
FALL 2016

Redesigned an existing bridge in the city of Toronto using a truss design. Calculations and previous iterations were also provided to justify the strength and durability of the final design.

3D printed prototype front
Cardboard prototype 1
3D printed prototype back
Cardboard prototype 2
Cardboard prototype 3


Course Project
FALL 2015

Redesigned existing cafeteria trays in a University of Toronto residence cafeteria and provided evidence and prototypes of the benefits of the new design. A miniature 3D prototype was printed for the final presentation.

Presentation for reminder system
Door with key slots on inside
Sticker replacement for key
Key dispensing system
Design for key-holding mechanism


Course Project
FALL 2015

Presented potential solutions to many students being locked out of their room at a residence at the University of Toronto.

The current system involved asking the front desk to page a security official, who would then escort the student to their room. This was extremely time-inefficient, as security personnel were often not immediately available to escort the student.

The proposed solutions attempted to eliminate the need for the student to be escorted.

The solutions that were presented were:

  • A sticker replacement for the key

  • A key-card holder system inside the door that would prevent the student from leaving without their key

  • A key dispensing machine that used the student's university ID to verify their identity